Doug picked roses for me and Adelaine a few days ago. Yesterday, when I went home to be with the boys, there were rose petals covering Adelaine’s meds. It was like a little sign from God saying,”Don’t worry I’m here in all this”!

Unfortunately All Children’s has welcomed us back. Friday we drove to Orlando and had the pleasure of visiting with our good friends from Georgia, who were here with their three boys visiting Mickey! That short but very sweet visit seemed to have come with a price!

Saturday Adelaine’s ear started hurting again and her fever went up to 103. The boys were all having fun at Tropicana Field Fan Fest for the Bucks while Adelaine was getting sick again. By the time they returned, it was time to check back in!

Saturday night Adelaine continued to get worse. Despite the fact that she has a pretty high pain tolerance, the pain was just unbearable. They tried giving her Codeine, which didn’t even touch it. Next came the Morphine which did the trick. She slept like a baby, but now seems to have her days and nights mixed up which is the least of our worries…

We had a triple dental appointment today for all the children, which we made a few months ago. My idea was to ask to check her out and bring her right back, but because she was still running fever as of last night I new better than to ask. How do you cancel a triple appointment at the last second? Would they ever let you book such a convenient appointment again? I didn’t want to find out so Doug took the boys, which hopefully turned into fun “guy time”. In the mean time Adelaine’s teeth, which we are a little concerned about are again the least of our worries…

This morning the doctor came in and announced that Adelaine’s blood culture grew bacteria,Haemophilus to be exact. This is why these children who are immune compromised must come in immediately with the first sign of fever, if left untreated it is absolutely life threatening. Their immune systems just do not have what it takes to fight off bacterial infections, and it can go into their blood stream. So something that was supposed to be an ear infection that didn’t quite go away from last weeks stay has turned into something worse. What does this mean for Adelaine? Two weeks of intravenous antibiotics. She won’t have to stay in the hospital for the entire two weeks, but she will have to be set up at home with an antibiotic drip and have in home health care. Her port will remain accessed for these two weeks in which to receive meds. This maintenance phase of treatment has just been a walk in the park so far, hasn’t it!!!

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