Adelaine is doing good – except for the rash thing. Yesterday, the Dr diagnosed it as a reaction to the 6-MP chemo she is taking. It really hacked us off when he told Angela 2 weeks ago, ‘No one has ever died from a rash.’ (Our allergist about fell out of her chair when Angela relayed that little tidbit.) Yes, our baby’s Oncology Dr’s have poor bedside manner, when you are privileged enough to see one of them. You would think with all the money they are making from our insurance company they could at least be pleasant… (Oops, forgive my husband, sometimes you just have to let a little bit out! I guess thats what we all get because last night I mentioned to him that when he decides to update Adelaine’s website, maybe he should at least mention her!!! Not all doctors have a bad bedside mannor. Take our pediatrition, Dr. Karges for example,he’s not only the best pediatrition ever, he has a wonderful bedside mannor. Maybe that one doctor had “word vomit” that day. We’ve all said things we wish we could take back, right?) Angela

Mason is doing good at school. He had some anxiety about going back after a week off, but everything worked out fine once he saw all his buddies. Mason is and has always been a tenacious soccer player. Tough defense has always been his forte’. He isn’t the fastest guy on the field, but he does love to run, and runs extra after every practice to help elevate himself.

Bowen is our miniature artist. He loves to draw. He also has decided he wants to be a magazine model, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his ultimate goal of working at Pet Smart in the fish or now dog department. He also is a tenacious soccer player. He has swooped in at the last second in every single game this year to stop what would have been a certain goal. One of the teams we were murdering uh I mean playing had all 1st year players and a 1st year coach. I was helping him and them out to make certain everyone was having fun. They had a breakaway finally and out of nowhere comes Bowen to knock the ball out just before it crossed the goal line. I was disappointed and ecstatic at the same time.

Georgia “Daisy” is doing good herself. She fools us into thinking she is potty trained until you turn your back and she poops on the floor next to the potty pad then quickly eats the evidence. The only traces are the piece stuck to her paw from stepping in it, the bad breath, and the streaks left on the floor. Each night @ Grandmama’s house Daisy was chasing Adelaine around the kitchen table with Adelaine giggling like the little girl that she is. The joy that this puppy has brought into her life is amazing. Thank you Pisces “Georgia Daisy” is an amazing gift for our sick baby.

Angela is sick. She started coming down with something on her birthday I think. Turning 21 really takes it out of you. Pray that she gets well soon and keeps her yuck to herself.

Thanksgiving with Grandaddy’s special smoked turkey and smoked ham coupled with Grandmama’s sweet potato soufflé, asparagus casserole, giblet gravy, and all the other yumminess didn’t help. I ran a lap with the Grasshoppers Under 6 soccer team last night around a full sized soccer field. I was praying for death. I need to start riding my bike to work again. The weather is right. The heat has subsided somewhat. Yesterday it only got up to 85 degrees. Mama Linda had snow Thanksgiving Eve. We had 80’s. The weather outside is horrible here this time of year…if you are trapped inside an office all day.

Remember to eat healthy (do as I say not as I do), exercise 20 minutes plus a day (again), and hug your kids everyday(I do have this one covered).


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