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At our hotel in Orlando

Meeting Whitney!

We all got to pet and feed the dolphins!

Misty, Adelaine and Sesly

The Evers and Powells

Adelaine’s big heart melter!

Adelaine and Daisy

1/21, our first beach trip of the year!

“My guys at St. Pete Beach”!

My mom and I broke out of the hospital to see the Wiggles in concert with our guys. We often wear matching hats and scarves these days!

My family at the Wiggles

Mommys girl

& Daddy’s Girl!

Our baby girls joined our families together

We captured the real Bowen on camera. (He’s holding a do not eat packet)!

Our trip at the mall over Christmas break

A loving family donated Bucks tickets to our family!

The Real Princess Adelaine

“My Mom always says I’m her baby”!

“Don’t I look like a real princess?”

“I can look tough too!”

“Today, my friend Ashley and I had our second annual Christmas Tea. We went to this tea room called, Bliss La Tea Da. They took really good care of us”!!

First we got to put make up on!

Ashley got her nails painted…

while I was getting mine done!

Don’t we look glamorous?

Our moms (Miss Becky & Miss Angela) got dressed up too!

“This is what being a girl is all about”!

Wow, we even got to open presents. Do you like our new jewelry boxes? They play music and have real dancing ballerinas!

“This was the best day ever!

Enjoying the Christmas season! (Adelaine did get the cougage to approach Santa this year. She asked for a new princess dress and a tea set. She was a little disappointed when all he gave her was a candy cane)!!

“So, what do you think of our gingerbread house”?

“I think it’s pretty tasty”!

Doug and I enjoyed an evening of dinner and dancing at the annual Ceridian semi-formal Christmas party.

I’m a little sad, but its time to say goodbye to all those curly locks. I think my mom has been in denial about my hair, its definately time to let it go”!!!!

When Adelaine saw her new look she smiled and said,”I look like Peyton” (she is a friend of Adelaine’s who also has Leukemia)!

Once upon a time Adelaine wore curlers in her hair!

Rachael Mayhew along with her little sister Peyton and Adelaine. Adelaine and Peyton were both diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2006.

Two days after her diagnosis, Adelaine had a mediport surgically implanted just abover her heart. It is used to draw blood and administer medications.

We made it 4 months without being admitted into the hospital with an illness. This was our first time back on two southwest at All Children’s Hospital!

I really like my new “princess” bracelet!

Me and my daddy!

Adelaine loves to dress up and dance around the living room!

At the hospital a few days after we got the news.

4 weeks before Adelaine was diagnosed.

Me and my kitty, Meow!

“At Bowen’s Thanksgiving play, I was feeling a little sick.” Next stop, All Children’s Hospital.

“Being at he hospital isn’t all bad!” (Adelaine has 24 hour room service at All Children’s, the food is catered in by the Weston Hotel. When we’re home, she sometimes asks if we can call on the phone and place an order)!

My guys like the food too!

“Did someone says presents”?

“Lets see, I love going to All Children’s when it’s just to visit”! (Peyton was in for a treatment).

Adelaine & Peyton at Disney

The “six pack” at Disney World

Powell/ Meyhew gang: Adelaine, Bowen, Rachael, Mason, Peyton, & Nathaniel. This “six pack” really has a great time together!

Mason lost his first tooth!

Bowen & Mrs. Whipple, his Pre-K teacher!

Bowen and his new friend Russell at their Thanksgiving feast

Adelaine and her good friend Ashley

Adelaine and Ashley, “pigtails were fun back in the day”!

Ashley and Adelaine, “yes I wore scarves even before cancer, little did we know!”

Enjoying the sun!

Bowen and Ashley’s big brother, Justin

Isn’t he handsome!

Bowen’s getting ready!

Easter 2005

The gang Thanksgiving 2005

At Thanksgiving 2005

My first Halloween!

Adelaine’s first Christmas

Just another day at the bay!

Sweet girl

Sitting pretty while my boys practice soccer!

Just home from the hospital (4 days old)!

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