Adelaine made it through her 2nd to last I.T. (Interthecial spinal injection) of chemo today! Her last one should be around September 15th,after that she will have her port taken out and she will be all done with Anesthesia hopefully for the rest of her life. It was a long day, but she made it through just fine. Daddy says she did great with him at the clinic this morning. I met up with them there just before it was time to go over to the hospital. The anesthesiologist thought it would be necessary to take me out into the hallway just before her procedure and make sure I knew all the risks that were involved in putting her to sleep. So once again, just for review, just in case somehow the risks had slipped my mind, even though we’ve been doing this for two years now, he reiterated that there could be permanent heart damage, brain damage, liver damage and possible death. The risks were slight but ever so present…

Before that Adelaine and I were having a pretty good time playing our little games like, “Stare Wars”. We close our eyes tight and then say, “stare” Adelaine is VERY good at this game and she usually wins. I guess since she doesn’t have any reflexes in her knees because of the Vinchristine chemo, maybe it has somehow affected her eyelid reflexes as well. We just discovered how great she is at this today. It was a lot of fun. But after the little hallway chat I was no longer able to be so lighthearted. Usually the anesthesiologists don’t review all the risks over and over with me. I guess they know that I am well aware already, so why make it even worse. The last two times we’ve gotten doctors who are very Type “A”, which does not make for very good conversation. But I guess when it comes to administering lethal drugs, Type”A” can be a really good thing!

Next I suited up and we went back to the OR. Adelaine was very upset once we got back there, but before long she was OUT. Once that happens things go into crises mode back there and they always kick me right out, but not before one last quick prayer and a kiss. I left there and called Doug up in tears. I was so worried that something was going wrong and our little girl was never going to be the same again, or worse. Doug reassured me that everything was going to be fine, but in my heart I knew that he had no way of really knowing this. I started praying again as I paced around the hospital. Instantly I got calmness in my body. I knew God was saying, “Just trust Me, I’ve got our girl”! I was able to calm down and wait it out. Before long they brought her to me. She seemed completely untouched by all this. My sweet, angelic, hungry little chatterbox was safely in my arms again. The nurses over in Short Stay really do spoil her rotten! She had waiting on her all her favorites, cheese pizza, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, blue jello and a yummy red Icee to top it off! Her nurse said, “You know the drill, just call me once she’s done eating and you’re out of here”! All in all things went well.

Thanks for caring! Thanks for praying!

Thank you Kristen for helping out with the boys!


Oh,I almost forgot Adelaine’s counts! Her red and her white blood cells are at the very bottom of the normal range. Her platelets are quite good. Her ANC is at 2,000. It all looks pretty good for a girl on chemo. They are slowly taking her oral chemo back up to where they were before her white cell crash. It looks as though she has fully recovered from the virus in her blood. WOW, that could have been very bad! When this is all done, don’t be surprised to find me melted into a little puddle somewhere!!!!! Only God can keep this egg from cracking, but I know He will!!!

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