Well, were back from the dermatologist’s office. Good news, Bowen’s condition is in no way life threatening! When the doctor looked his legs over, she asked if I could show her a new spot. Embarrassingly, the new ones from last night were almost gone, and none had appeared during the day. You could scarcely even see them. She probably wondered why we were even there! He apparently has a virus that could last a few weeks or a few years, at some point he will gain immunities, and it will just go away. Her recommendation of treatment was no treatment. My kind of doctor!

As for Adelaine, she says, it doesn’t look like a fungus or yeast, but probably just a rash caused by the chemo. She is putting her on a new steroid cream I could give her, but said it should just eventually go away. Honestly, I plan to just let time do its magic. Remember me before cancer, Adelaine had never even taken antibiotics. Sometimes medicines are necessary, but I prefer to let our bodies heal themselves like they were designed to do.

Thanks for praying, God is awesome!


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