It’s Saturday night and Adelaine is still at the hospital. It looks like the earliest we could leave is on Monday. She has to be fever free for at least 24 hours, which rules out tomorrow. The guys have been coming to visit everyday and are having fun sleeping in their tent. To mix it up a little more, Doug is feeling under the weather himself. So the boys are enjoying a very healthy weekend of Nintendo, movies and cartoons. Yes a weekend of stretching their imagination and creating curiosity which is sure to leave a lasting impression on their young, growing minds!!!!

Apparently it’s freezing outside and laundry is piling up, so Adelaine must have thought I would need a little weekend “get away”! Really the only thing to do here is work on the computer and order room service. So, to top off the double amount of chocolate on Valentines Day, we’ve been continuously munching since we’ve been here!

Yesterday I did have the opportunity to meet with the head Oncologist. He reviewed Adelaine’s files and we discussed how the past few visits at the clinic have gone and how she has been doing. He was very reassuring that overall everything is on track and not to worry. Her counts have been low because she’s been fighting off this and other viruses. Its all part of it, they will be good for a while then drop and be not so good for a while. We had just been really lucky before when they were so good for so long. Also, when counts are too high, they would have to increase the 6MP because it would mean that the treatments weren’t strong enough. All around we are feeling much better about how Adelaine’s treatments are going.

Its really difficult to get a mental grasp on all this. These harsh drugs keep these kids down and supressed and finally the toll they’ve taken on Adelaine is really beginning to show. Doug and I are realizing that unfortunately these treatments are going to be rough and there is no getting around it. Its normal, its expected and we need to settle in with it. We were doing ok until all the ”what ifs” were brought to the table. “The cause for her low counts could be from Parvo, or a genetic issue with 6MP, or some other serious setback or worse, a relapse”. The tests came back with reassuring news and there wasn’t a real reason to test for a relapse, so all this really is just part of it. Although we are stuck here in the hospital we do have lots to be thankful for.

More good news is that Adelaine has settled into being here a lot better than before. It used to be that every five minutes she would plead to go home. I explained to her that we would be here a few days and wouldn’t be leaving until she was all better. She seems to have accepted that. Our nurses here have been nothing less than phenomenal! We’ve had the same ones since we’ve been here. Adelaine is quite the charmer and they really seem to have been taken by her. One of her nurses shared with us that her best friend was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was about Adelaine’s age. They were friends even during that time. Now twenty something years later she is still cancer free and they are still best friends. It was just the testimony we needed to hear especially after the rollercoaster ride we’ve been on these past few weeks! God has really used her to help reassure us.

While we’ve been here, Adelaine has had a terrible case of “Hot Mouth”, so it’s definitely more than just steroids that are causing her to have emergency thirst! Also, she has potty trained herself once again. How is it that every time we’re here she does this? At home, she does ok until we go back on steroids, then she drinks so much it’s like her little bladder can’t keep up or something! Here, she receives a constant flow of fluids, so she has to go every five minutes. But unlike at home, she insists on going potty “like a big girl”. I guess I should add this to our list of things we do here! The only thing I can figure is that since there is about fifty or so people here who are getting paid to clean up after her, its just not as much fun to have an accident!

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