Just 12 days after Adelaine was diagnosed with Leukemia, Peyton’s family also found themselves at All Children’s hospital getting the same gut wrenching news. Peyton and Adelaine soon met and found that they had a lot in common, besides the fact that they both had Leukemia. They have been playmates for over 2 years now and play together weekly, sometimes twice a week at the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa. The girls really love each other and enjoy being together. Anyway, Peyton is not feeling well at all. Go to her website and scroll down to about the 3rd or 4th most recent post and you can see for yourself why she may not be feeling so hot! www.hope4peyton.org. Her poor little lips look painful, swollen, sore and miserable to put it very lightly! Her counts have dropped way down in the dumps and she has had arm and leg pains for some time now. Plus today her mom said that her hair has started falling out in clumps. Now I’ve learned that she’s spiked a fever of 103. This afternoon Peyton was admitted to All Children’s and she is hopefully on some HEAVY DUTY pain meds to give her some comfort. At some point tomorrow they will do a bone marrow aspiration on her just to check. Please pray that this is all viral and not a relapse. Please pray that she will be fully restored and can go home soon and return to her normal daily routine. She and Adelaine are scheduled to finish treatment at almost the same exact time!!!!!!!!

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