Almost a month ago we changed Adelaine’s clinic day so we could start going to the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, which has a playgroup for Adelaine. The first time we went, it was like we had been in a foreign country and walked into the American Embassy, the feeling of home sweet home was almost overwhelming! Everyone welcomed us with open arms. The entire place was child-friendly with vivid colors, cheerful and warm. There’s something so special about being among a group of children who are surviving cancer. I suppose many angels must constantly flock around them, protecting them. Knowing that they’ve been through so much, it’s an honor to see their faces and hear their names. Meeting each child was like meeting the President of the United States or something. To meet their parents was like meeting war survivors from the front lines. On Tuesday mornings, Adelaine and I go to the center for her playgroup, and all us moms sit in a room and talk about whatever comes up.

After our first visit, while I was putting Adelaine down for a nap I asked her how she liked her new school. Bowen came in with his feather all ruffled asking,” Did I hear you say that Adelaine went to school?” After all, Bowen had to have four whole years under his belt before he was big enough to go to school! I explained that it wasn’t a “real” school, because I didn’t actually leave the building with her there. So he said, “So it was a pretend school, and I said, “Exactly”. From that point on Adelaine has always referred to the Children’s Cancer Center as her “pretend school”.

Adelaine loves her new pretend school, and on Thursday evenings twice a month, all our guys get to join us. We all love Adelaine’s pretend school as much as she does! It has already brought so much healing and comfort to us. I know we are all building friendships that will last a lifetime. In fact, I ran into Brandy, one of the moms yesterday here at the hospital. She came up for a visit while her son, Noah, was having some scans done. We had such a great visit, it was like I‘ve known her my entire life!

The logo of the Children’s Cancer Center is a kite, and their motto is “…because children should fly kites, not fight cancer”. I love it!!! While we were there last week, I noticed one of the moms sitting across from me was wearing an eye catching necklace with a beautiful kite charm on it. Then I noticed another mom with one on, then another. Anissa and I were like, “Hey where can we get a kite necklace?” Maryann who’s in charge gave Anissa two last night. Of course I’d rather not be eligible for one, but I am so thankful to be Adelaine’s mom, I wouldn’t change being her mom for anything in the world, and it will be an honor to have Anissa place on of those necklaces around my neck!

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