Quick Update!

No baby yet! The “long story short” in my last post, was that we are changing agencies. Because of the holiday, the new agency won’t make it over to do an inspection until Monday. (We’ve just found out this latest update yesterday). After that, they write up an addendum and then we are ready to go. I would like to hope that we will have her by next Friday at the latest, but we’ll see! Please keep praying.

Today we are leaving for Georgia to go to my parents’ house for the holiday. It will be a short, but sweet visit as we will return on Friday. Saturday Adelaine will be getting a new bed to accommodate her sister should she be too old for a crib. Either way it will be nice to have the sleeping situation sorted out for a long while. Her new bed will have a full mattress on the bottom and a twin on top. She is very excited to have a bunk bed like her brothers!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving filled with the people you love!

Angela and crew!!!

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