Adelaine is finally 100%, after her big treatment 10 days ago. The steroids take such a toll on her and make her so depressed. It breaks my heart over and over again, each month giving them to her. This Wednesday, September 12th will mark one year left to go!!!! (We delayed the end date for her treatment by a week because we held her spinal injection and steroids for our “Dream Fund” vacation to Disney)! The doctors wanted to make it up this month and give her everything a week closer together, but I objected and they finally agreed)! Today the children had a triple dental appointment! Adelaine did a lot less screaming this time. I’m pleased and amazed to announce that they had no cavities!

As for keeping our house, we were able to mail out the money on Friday! Thank you so much for all the people who helped make this happen. You were a direct answer to prayer, how thankful we are. Our house may not be a mansion on the beach, but I love it here and will be content to spend the rest of our lives here. It is our home and we are so very grateful that it is going to continue to be. I have a possible new client to begin caring for as early as next week, please pray that it will all fall into place.

This weekend is the Pirates and Princess Party at Carrabba’s, please pray that everything goes well. People have been so kind and supportive. I can’t begin to explain how touched we are. I feel very supported and loved by our community; we are pleased and proud to call St. Pete our home. God is so good!

It’s been a few months since last time we were in the Hospital with an illness. Things feel so much more normal than last year. I feel like I get to be a mom again to the boys. I can’t believe all that they went through. They are both such troopers, I am so proud that we all have made it this far! We are still riding our bikes to school everyday, and it’s much easier to do life as if everything was the way it was before cancer. I am so grateful just to be ABLE to be the one to deliver the boys to their school and to be home to greet them everyday. (Doug takes a late lunch and picks them up). All the things I used to take for granted mean the world to me now. Sometimes, Adelaine does so great its like she’s not even on chemo, but then something happens that’s a big reality check. At the clinic last Friday the new Oncologist at our office checked her reflexes in her legs. Guess what? She has none! The doctor said it is from the Vinchristine Chemo, which she had gotten an entire month before. Little things like that really disturb me. Today at the dentist, her gums bled and bled, her blood has a hard time clotting from the chemo. Also, last Friday I took her to get her ear tubes checked. They both are still in. (I had three different doctors tell me that her left tube had fallen out, but they just couldn’t see it from all the dried blood)! So the Ear Doctor cleaned them really well and pulled out what looked like rocks!!!! (Sorry if I just grossed you out)!

Unfortunately we can’t always choose our path, but I must say I couldn’t be any more delighted to have my three babies. They are each strong, kind, compassionate, smart and amazing. I fall in love with them over and over. I love my life, and I am so thankful to be apart of there’s!

One last thing, Adelaine’s Songs of Love came in the mail today. Songs of Love is an organization that composes and choreographs a song in honor of a person who has a critical or life-threatening illness. Let me just say that they did an amazing job. We were all moved to tears. It is so beautiful, and of course Adelaine just loves it! The boys were a bit curious why she got a song and they didn’t. After explaining it to them they were fine. They have their own boys “stuff” and she has her own girl “stuff”. It really works out well, so we don’t really have an issue with jealousy. I’m so thankful God gave me two boys and then Adelaine. An extra girl in the mix would surely have a hard time with all the extra attention. Anyway, I can’t wait to share Adelaine’s song. It’s called, “Adelaine, Love Reins”. I’m hoping Miss Ashley can come over sometime this week and we can put it in You Tube with pictures of our Dream vacation!

Thanks for taking the time to care!

God Bless

One last thing for Anissa, could you help me get the Boo Cat. off Adelaine’s website? Aren’t people silly!!

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