Whitney and Ad
Whitney and Adelaine

Whit fam
Whitney with the Powells’ and the Evers’ children!

I sometimes feel overwhelmed wich results in procrastination and anxiety. I have so much built up to share that it can be paralyzing. I am hoping that God will help me through this and I will tackle all the things that I wish to accomplish. We certainly live in a busy world don’t we? It’s all I can do to keep up. Really I can not. I just need to prioritize and accomplish what is important. Adelaine’s website is one of those things. I have GREAT things to share about health issues. I guess Satin doesn’t want me to be here doing such things. That’s good we’ll show him!!!!

We did have an awesome time in Orlando. I still can’t believe how blessed we are to have met Whitney. She is such a doll. We plan to see her a couple of times in May! Hopefully she will be spending the weekend with us. I f we have to fight cancer, it’s really nice to see all the blessings that have come from it. I am learning to just accept the fight and bask in the blessings. This has been difficult to do. All I’ve wanted is for cancer to not be part of the picture, but that simply is not reality. Theses blessings are reality, and we have been so blessed.

Thursday night we are taking Adelaine and her friend Maya to Disney Princess on Ice, compliments of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Adelaine is so excited she plans to dress up like Sleeping Beauty and is counting down the days. I love to see her excited and happy. I feel that every smile and giggle helps make what she has gone through and is going through worth it. In my mind her life needs to be pretty extraordinary to make all that suffering worth going through. I’m sure that must sound silly. Don’t worry, we expect the same out of her as we do the boys. When she makes bad choices, we discipline her. (We do let her slide when she’s on steroids though. She can’t help the mood swings and depression. We try to be understanding to a point). Last week when she ended steroids, we were so relieved. That treatment was really rough. Some months are worse than others. Anissa said Peyton was the same way this last time with hers. We’ve determined that the Vinchristine must have been a bad batch)! HA! HA!

Mason and Bowen got trophies in the mail from Super Sibs, which is an organization that supports siblings of cancer patients. Mason asked why they got trophies because of Adelaine’s cancer. Then he said, “Oh yea, we do have to put up with her when she’s on steroids so I guess we DO deserve trophies for that!!!!!!

Some people have said, “All this is way harder on us than it is on Adelaine”!

I guess this is their way of trying to comfort me, to minimize and justify her pain in their mind.

But, unfortunately, I know better. I have walked through the valley of death with my precious child. There is just no way that this has been harder on me than it has been on her, just no way. I will NEVER forget how sick she was.

Every moment felt like an eternity. I remember wondering how in the world we would make it through the hour, much less the next 2 years. I prayed so hard that God would make it go away. And it did eventually. But she suffered, oh, she suffered. I will never forget Fred, our RN friend showing up at our door with a bottle of MonaVie, claiming that it would help her. I just laughed out loud and said that he just couldn’t understand how bad things were. Little did I know how much that juice has changed our lives! It was the start of a whole new life. We have learned so much. No more feeling overwhelmed, I know that God wants me to share so that’s what we are going to do!

With how far we’ve come, I can not imagine these children who have relapsed. To know as a parent that treatments will all will start over and will be even more rigorous. My heart just breaks thinking about it. I haven’t mentioned that Matthew Gliddon has passed away. His website is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mathewgliddon. We all said our final goodbyes on Tuesday. Please continue to pray for his parents Matt and Karen and little brother Matthew. Also, Sierra from CCC has relapsed. She is 5 and had just finished treatment for All Leukemia a few days before it happened. Her website is http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sierrakessler . Please pray for the Kessler family as well.

Last but certainly not least, yesterday, Mason turned 8! He has a unique way of celebrating his birthday each year…

A few years ago he wanted Krispy Kream doughnuts for his birthday. We met some friends at the beach to celebrate. While the children played in the cool ocean water, those sweet, soft glazed doughnuts basked in the blazing sun for a few hours. By the time we bid Mason a happy birthday, those delicious doughnuts we hot, melted and gooey. It was THE HIGHLIGHT of my year! I have never tasted something so incredibly yummy. I don’t know if it was just the fresh out of the oven experience, or if the salty air plus maybe a little sand that did it, but it was soooooo much better than birthday cake. I’m glad that Mason thinks so too, because he wants to relive that experience over and over every year. Who am I to crush his birthday dreams?!!!! We had an incredible day at the beach with him eating ooey gooey doughnuts together.

One more thing! Mason got some money for his birthday. What did he want? He wanted more PokeMon cards for his collection. Our children love to collect them and add up their points and of course trade then. It’s just fun, innocent play. I can get my boys to do anything for a card, so they make a great reward and don’t take up a lot of room like a toy. So, I let them have at it! Anyway, Mason has had his eye on a collector’s tin box which comes with about 40 cards. (Bowen has had his eye on one as well). Mason wanted Bowen to get a box too, so he spent ½ his birthday money on Bowen!!!!!! What an unselfish act. I told him how proud Jesus must be of him, and that he just stored up a present in Heaven for when he gets there. Mason just offered and lovingly did it. He didn’t expect anything in return. I am so proud of my children. They really do love each other. For birthdays, we make sure each of the children get a little something. Adelaine added to her collection of Petshop Pets! We try to turn birthdays into intimate family time together. It’s a special time that we all enjoy!

I thought about not letting Mason pay for Bowen’s cards, but then I would have been robbing him of such an important experience. We have discussed it and praised him so. He realized that he did something very unselfish and great, something to really be admired. He definitely got the things he wanted for his birthday. He did not loose anything by sharing, but instead has gained so much!

Green Fav
My all time favorite picture, at Give Kids the World during our Sea World trip!

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