On Monday evening we were released from the hospital. As of yesterday Adelaine is feeling good again. Five million loads of laundry later and things are back to normal, more or less. We have the windows open and fresh sea air is blowing in, ah home sweet home! It is wonderful having all the little ducklings under one roof and tucked away safely in their beds at night, well at least part of the time. The boys do have to go to school and Adelaine hasn’t slept through the entire night since July! While we were away, Doug was sick also, so we couldn’t trade off as we usually do. The short visits with the guys at the hospital were hard on the entire family, especially Bowen. Adelaine did adjust really nicely for the first time, to being at the hospital. In fact, when we were leaving she said she didn’t want to! R&R, room service, complete control over the remote and her mom’s undivided attention, who can blame her, right! She is happier here at home though, just ask her guys!

Something interesting has happened since we’ve returned. Adelaine was called a, “Little Fellow” at the pet shop on Tuesday. She was wearing a pink shirt! Yesterday someone smiled fondly at me and said, “Awe, three boys”! An interesting change from the usual, “Has your daughter been sick?” So these turn of events inspired me (and Bowen) to dress her up like a boy, just for one afternoon. Plus we wanted to get some “tough” pictures for our G.I. Laine posting. Adelaine was all for it. For the record, Mason thought this was strange and a Bad idea!

It was kind of like having a day of what could have been, WHAT REALLY COULD HAVE BEEN! Statistically, after having two boys a third was most likely to follow. Thankfully we did get our girl! Anyway, we dressed her up and off we went to the park. Adelaine whipped some three year old boy at soccer. His parents were quite impressed. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that, well you know!! The explanation would have taken forever, plus they probably would have grabbed their kid and ran! Some people did look at us rather strangely when we kept referring to “him” as “Sissy”! By the end of our little outing, Mason said, “Hey, this boy thing is really working, people really think she’s a boy!” Having another “boy” for a few hours was interesting, but we wouldn’t trade our Adelaine for anything in the world!

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