We still haven’t replaced our home computer, so I am making do with Doug’s lap top when it’s available. First things first, Adelaine is doing well. We’ve had fun swimming and meeting new people at the pool. I know that swimming in all that chlorine isn’t good for her, (I’ve done the research) but we are going to be traveling very soon, so it will slow down! She jumps off the diving board and swims like a fish, it’s amazing to watch, especially since she’s never had a swimming lesson in her life! I won’t be encouraging her to join the swim team, but she really is a natural. We have friends that have a salt water, in-ground pool, which I feel MUCH better about, but with this pool we can use it whenever we want and won’t be wearing out our welcome!!!!

My current project is getting the boys new mattresses for their bunk beds. Last week I stripped the beds down to the bare mattresses. After looking under the egg crate pads, which were inside a zippered plastic cover (which is way too hot to sleep on here in Florida), which prompted the next few layers of, a cloth-like, dust mite proof, water- resistant cover, topped with a soft, extra padded cotton cover and finally a tee-shirt sheet, I discovered that both their mattresses had no padding left, zero. Each mattress was merely a bag of springs. Who knew under all that fluff? So what if I purchased then new back in 1996? They’d always had on protective covers. I guess I thought they’d last forever – WRONG!!!!

Luckily when I was registering Adelaine for Pre-K, the director mentioned that she had heard about a new law requiring that all mattresses sold in the U.S. had to be flame-retardant (which really means laced with toxic chemicals). I can’t begin to explain how that topic got started, it must have been a God Thing! Honestly, I am so fed up with having to research everything these days, I wanted to just ignore this, but after having cancer pay us a visit, I decided not to, good thing!!!! Here’s what I found out. In a nut shell, it is true that in 2007, the new law was passed. The flame retardant materials consist of arsenic, rat poisoning, and formaldehyde. This is a huge deal because people sleep roughly 8 hours in their beds every night, plus their entire body is lying on it, plus they have their faces very close, if not right up against it. I read stories about people who’d had headaches for years and it turned out to be because of their mattress. Unfortunately, those were someof the more positive stories I read.

Here are some links from the research I found on toxic mattresses …



http://www.care2.com/greenliving/some-c … toxic.html,

When Mason was a baby, I remember the plastic mattress in his basinet had a funky smell. If I knew then, what I know now, he would have never slept on it, not for one nap.

This article is one of the best I’ve read recently about the toxins we are all exposed to and what we can do to protect ourselves. It sums up hours of research we’ve done!!!! http://articles.mercola.com/sites/artic … oxins.aspx

So, luckily we didn’t run out and purchase the cheapest, deceit mattress we could find. We found a great mattress making company located locally, who was willing to make us our mattresses exactly to our specifications! The innerspring base will be made of all natural materials, with a dust mite proof, allergen free, three inch pillow top, made of natural latex. Most importantly, the outer cover will not be made with the fire retardant materials (we will be signing a waiver for that). Instead the outer cover will be made of a natural mock cashmere fabric.

But what about the millions of Americans who don’t know about the toxins they will be sleeping on? The people who don’t really care are the people who don’t really understand. The law is not really to protect us from our burning beds (none of the Powell children smoke in bed), but it is to protect the huge conglomerates from small business owners who would refurbish used mattresses with materials which were affordable to them and sell them at an affordable price.

The best part of our mattress buying experience for the boys, is that even though we are having the mattresses custom made, we still did not spend a fortune. In fact we got them at an excellent price, less than a third of what retailers would sell them for, plus they won’t have those nasty, toxic chemicals in them. Adelaine’s bed was made 6 years ago, so I am assuming it does not have all the chemicals, but she is next in line for a custom-made one. I’d rather purchase her one now and sleep well knowing her mattress is safe from poisons.

What else have we learned during our mattress education extravaganza? Not only are new mattresses highly toxic, but, we will not be using those plastic, or synthetic mattress covers anymore. Natural wool or cotton pads that are non toxic will be our new choice. Also if we ever had another baby, we would have a custom crib mattress made. Sadly, the government doesn’t tell people that SIDS, illnesses and diseases, asthma and other respiratory diseases, and cancer can be greatly contributed to because of these mandated toxic materials. Another bit of information we discovered that I thought I’d pass along is about flame retardant pajamas. These are highly toxic as well. These chemicals are found in simple blood tests for toxins in children. We will be avoiding these as well.

All these “new” discoveries we’ve made since Adelaine first got cancer makes me wonder at what point are things really going to change here in America? I hope Adelaine’s cancer helps educate people about cancer and what we can do to prevent it.

I’ll leave you with this…


It is so heart breaking that cancer is so ramped here in America verses any other country. The very best thing for our babies is breast milk, and even that is being tainted by all these toxic chemicals. Why? Why? Why? If I could go back and change how I lived I would. I was just so unaware of what was all around me. All I can do is share with others and change how I do things. I hope that we can all ban together and make significant changes in this country.


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