Today I FINALLY sent an email to Jim, Gilda and Kris from the Puppy Boutique thanking them for our precious Daisy Dog! I wanted to share my thoughts with you, so what I sent went something like…

How can we ever thank you enough for what you’ve done for our family? Every good day that Adelaine has makes all that she has gone through seem worth it. One week ago today, something significant happened in our daughters life, she got her wish, a puppy! On Monday, November 5th, when we got an email stating that you wished to donate a puppy for Adelaine in hopes of making her life a better one, we were so overwhelmed, it was just unbelievable! I want you all to know that you have made her life better, that and so much more. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, we all do. Adelaine’s brothers, Mason and Bowen are just as excited over Daisy as she is. All five of us love our new baby! To see the smile on Adelaine’s face when we placed that puppy in her arms was priceless, it brought me to tears. I have never seen her so happy. Having the puppy, Adelaine named “Daisy”, here has been the best week of Adelaine’s entire life.

The shock and heartbreak we felt when our 2 year old daughter, Adelaine, was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2006 was paralyzing. Adelaine has been in this battle fighting cancer for almost half her life now. There have been many days, weeks, and months of unbearable sickness where darkness threatened to consume our daughter. Sometimes it felt as though her pain and suffering would never end. She has endured many challenges with chemotherapy treatments and hospital stays and has spent countless hours in the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices and emergency rooms. Living this horrible disease has proven to truly be the fight of her life, but through it all we’ve had much hope and faith that she would beat it. She is an amazing little girl, who has graciously trotted along a path that none of us would have chosen for her. She is smart, loving and courageous. During those seemingly endless days of suffering, I often wished I could somehow buy back those days and make them all sunny and joyful, but even a mother’s love has proven to have limitations! Although it is not possible to change the past, your kindness and compassion has replaced so much that was robbed from our precious daughter.

A few nights after we got Daisy, Adelaine was in her bed and I went in to check on her. She was sound asleep and laughing, literally laughing in her sleep. I knew she must be dreaming about Daisy! Daisy has brought so much joy and laughter into our family. I know that when Daisy was born she was meant to be here with us. Thank you so much for your willingness to help make our daughter’s dream come true. Adelaine has 9 more months of treatments left. Yesterday during one of her chemotherapy treatments she said with tears in her eyes, “Once were done here, I just want to go home and see Daisy”! Every smile, every giggle puts her suffering where it belongs, in the past! This Thanksgiving we were able to celebrate an extra special something as we welcomed Daisy into our home as part of our family. Already Daisy has had a significant impact on all our lives. Truly we could never say thank you enough.

…I hope they understand how much they have touched our hearts and impacted our lives!


As for a Daisy report, yes she is adjusting well. She cried the first 2 nights, but now sleeps happily through them (wish I could say the same for me) Miss Adelaine hasn’t slept through the night in a year and a half! She is relatively easy to care for. She doesn’t shed a hair which is wonderful, she air dries after her bath, (thank you 80 degree Florida weather) and she is 100% house trained to use a potty pad. She has the best disposition. She’s calm yet playful and doesn’t seem to have any bad habits (like begging for food when were eating or chewing the furniture) oh yes except the desire to eat her poop, like Doug so graciously pointed out in the last blog!! I do believe however, that we’ve broken her of that today! How many baths has she has so far you may be wondering? Well it’s me, so honestly, I’ve lost count!!! She is such a good girl and very very smart. It is going better than I could have ever imagined. We were so blessed with her! Doesn’t she look like she belongs in our family!!!!

As for sweet Adelaine, about a week and a half ago her counts bottomed out to 300. They haven’t been that low since she was first diagnosed. For the first time ever the doctors decided to hold her chemo for a week! We were quarantined in our home praying that she wasn’t coming down with or wouldn’t catch something. Just before Thanksgiving they went back up to 1,000 and yesterday were at 1600. Thankfully she didn’t get sick during Thanksgiving this year. Georgia was fantastic, we really enjoyed spending the holiday with my parents. Being in South Georgia I FROZE the entire time. My dad said, “Are you crazy its 70 degrees in here”. I’m not sure if I was coming down with something or I got sick from being so cold, but somehow I did manage to leave my voice in Georgia. Tonight I called a friend and when I went to speak, all that would come out was a squeak! We missed Adelaine’s “Pretend School” today, and she was not too happy about that. She said,” Well I’m going to miss all the fun”! Thank goodness we had Daisy she was my only saving grace!

Yesterday was her Oncology appointment and she got Vinchristine into her port and started STERIODS once again! Mood swings here we come! This afternoon Adelaine had an appointment at the Dermatologist. The rash that was one under her arms has spread to pretty much her entire body. Plus her face is cracking and peeling and has red patches all over. During Thanksgiving she looked like her face had been badly burned. Now come on, cancer has already done a number on the hair, and now the face too (which sadly is the least of our worries)! The good news is that the dermatologist has assured me that her face will not scar. Tonight it looks MUCH better thankfully. I got some good tips on how to deal with her skin issues. Apparently this will probably go on during the duration of her treatments, which by the way 9 ½ more months to go!

As for the rest of the Powell’s, so far no one else has caught my cold (accept Mom and Dad in Georgia), and the boys are back in school. Bowen insists that we bring Daisy to and from school with us everyday! In fact, for my birthday I got the cutest handbag/puppy carrier for her! It disguises her well! We take her nearly everywhere we go with us. Adelaine and I even snuck her into Wal-Mart yesterday! On our trip to and from Georgia we stopped at ever Petsmart along the way, so Daisy could have some fun and stretch her legs too! It’s always been my motto, “Dogs are people too”! Ok, ok anyone that remotely knows me knows that I’m really not that much of a dog person. In fact, when I told my friend Barb that we were getting one, she said, “I’ll come and see it, but I’ll try not to get too attached…, I know that you’ll be taking her back after about 2 weeks”! My reply to that, “Now Barb, that wasn’t very nice”…, but I understand where she was coming from! Don’t forget, she’s a poodle! It’s like Doug says, “We got a dog, well sort of”!!!!

Good night!

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