spring in january for adelaine during cancer treatment

spring in january for adelaine during cancer treatment

This week has been a great one for Adelaine. Bowen and I have both been sick with colds, and so far Adelaine is feeling just great. She was allowed to skip clinic this week because her counts were so high last week and no port chemo was due. On Monday, MLK day, Adelaine woke up with rosy cheeks. I put cream on them thinking they must be chaffed, only to realize that no, her color is back, truly back!

All these months that passed, Adelaine wanted to go outside, but just didn’t have the stamina to really stay and play. Well, she played outside for a few hours everyday this week. She rode her tricycle, her scooter, played in the clubhouse, and swung in her swing for hours. We are so thankful we live in sunny south Florida. Now that Adealine is feeling better we can really take advantage of the mild weather we’re having. We’ve had all our windows open for most of winter and it’s been in the upper 70’s all week. The birds are singing, the grapefruit is falling, it’s truly is a tropical paradise in our back yard, minus the weeds!

On Tuesday when she took her Methotrexate, it was like someone stuck their foot out and tried to make her trip and fall. She stumbled a few days but now she’s back to full speed. We put her to bed at 8:00 pm, and by 2:30 this morning, she was literally up and running! Doug and I took shifts entertaining her. It was like she was saying, I’m alive, I’m alive”!

Oh, and I have to mention her new ability to protest! She has thrown about three all out fits this week. Before, she just didn’t have it in her to really let us have it. Well, she does now!!!! I told Doug that she’s going to need a little retraining now that she is springing back to life again!!!

When we look at her now it really is like she has new life. Her color looks great and her little cheeks haven’t had this much color since last April! Her hair is so cute. It’s soft and fuzzy, like a new baby chick.

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