UPDATE: This post existed for a short time and then I had to take it down or else. I am reposting it because i took the time to write it and well, some of you come everyday to the site and it will give you something new to read. doug 6.4.09 @ 11:23pm

I think Angela has been paranoid about posting lately. Having a foster child placed in your house by the state makes you double think all your actions. We have been pretty paranoid about putting info out there about Anika for fear of it coming back to bite us. Not that we do bad things, just paranoid as we had 3 different state agencies involved in our lives for the past several months.


No more fears. We officially have a new 62 pound bundle of baby…umm, 4 year old. She became a Powell at 10:12 am today, so now we can talk all about her without fear.

We can also drag her all over the country without having to get a court order from a judge. Just in time for Girlcation which starts Friday afternoon. The 3 ladies of the house will be traveling to south Georgia where the girls will stay with Grandmama and Grandaddy for a couple days while Angela heads to Atlanta.

That also means 2 weeks of mancation here at the house. The boys and I have a huge list of manly things to do while our females are gone.

Bowen has requested pizza everyday and once for breakfast
Mason wants sushi
I am trying to figure out which kind of sushi goes best on top of pizza…
When on my master cleanse diet I had a craving for bacon wrapped sushi. Raw fish and cooked bacon of course.


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