The local CBS station interviewed a few children and their parents (including our good friends, Anissa and Peyton Mayhew) for a Thanksgiving piece. I tried to get Adelaine to tell her Knock Knock Joke, but alas she forgot. Click on this link and then on Video Story to view our Ladies. [url=]Adelaine & Angela’s Debute[/url] (click on video story).
We had a great Thanksgiving at Grandmama’s and Grandaddy’s in Leesburg, GA. We all ate too much. The turkey nap kicked in for me immediately after our favorite Buccaneer, Mike Alstott, scored a Touchdown. I woke up and the game was over. I was glad to have had a good nap because the Bucs got beat 38-10! Growing up a Cub’s Fan I believe in the motto, “There’s always next year.”

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly did. We look forward to having a relaxing Christmas also. Grandma Linda is coming here for a week, along with Grandmama and Grandaddy.

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