best day ever as a cancer patient

best day ever as a cancer patient

It’s been five days since Adelaine was in the hospital. She still has one more week of heavy chemo to go. In spite of it all, Adelaine is feeling GREAT today! The day started with her guys soccer game. After an afternoon nap, it was tea time!! Adelaine went to her second annual tea party with her friend Ashley.

When Adelaine was first diagnosed, and the doctor announced to us that she had leukemia, the very first thing I thought of was our tea party we had last Christmas. Of all the fun things we’ve done together, that tea party just came to my mind. All her life experiences in those two short years suddenly meant everything in the world to me. Those memories, that time, we would never get back. Oh how thankful I was that I made the time that I did with her. That tea party represented to me what having a little girl was all about…

So, now we have lots of tea parties!!! It’s amazing how a little two year old can munch on cookies, sip from fine china (with out breaking it), place a napkin in her lap, and laugh and enjoy life to the fullest. She seems to enjoy this time together as much as I do.

However, after experiencing this tea party we are probably going to have to step it up a notch…

Bilss La Tea Da tea room is made special for little girls and their tea parties! First, the girls had their makeup done, and their nails painted. After that they dressed up with all sorts of beautiful hats and boas to choose from. Ashley also chose to wear a La Tea Da party dress! Then it was tea time. Tea time included sipping pink lemonade, and eating lots of goodies. The cookie cutter cut peanut butter & jelly sandwiches had pink and blue sprinkles on them. They were served with a platter of gold fish, topped with different types of marshmallows and jelly beans and other delicious yummies. They also had pastries and scones. A real delight for a little girl, I must say.

I must also mention that among the large white marshmallows, which by the way, Ashley proceeded to stuff a whole one in her mouth. For some reason little ones seem to think that if it tastes good it would taste even better if they have a giant mouth full. The question is what then????

Anyway, among large fluffy marshmallows were the little colored mini-marshmallows. Now, this is interesting because Adelaine usually eats a couple of these after she takes her chemo. They really help to take the bad taste away. So, there they were, a little reminder sitting right on the table. At home she really seems thankful for those fruity bites of fluff. So, I decided to place a few on her plate just to see. She very politely placed them back on the tray!

If I must make a deeper meaning of those mini’s, I think they were there as a little reminder. A little reminder of just how precious her little life is, a reminder of what all we’ve been through and how far we’ve come.

In the early days, I tried to keep the cancer in a box. But now I realize that it doesn’t quite work that way. Adelaine’s illness affects us in some way no matter where we are or what we’re doing. Its always there with us. I’m learning to be ok with that because I believe with all my heart that God is doing and will do great things in His Kingdom because of this, and what other choice do we have?!

Instead of just trying to get through the next 2 ½ years of treatments, I hope that we remember not to over look all the blessings that are happening in our midst.

Today was honestly the best day that Adelaine and I have ever had together. She has been through so much, and it makes me even more thankful for this wonderful day we’ve had!!

Check out her La Tea Da pictures on the gallery.


Saturday, December 16, 2006, 07:45 PM

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