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Visions of Sugar Plums danced in her head…

This is where we found Adelaine sleeping after school
This is where we found Adelaine napping today.  She is so excited about Christmas!!!

Last Friday I took Mason to the Pediatrician because of a terrible cough and wheezing.  Really Bowen could have gone along as well, but he didn’t want to miss his Gifted day at school.  For that matter, it wouldn’t have hurt to bring Miss Adelaine too, but she’s such a social butterfly, she just wanted to go to her school.  Although Mason seemed to feel fine, his breathing was quite alarming.  Dr. Karges diagnosed him with Walking Pneumonia and put him on a five day Z-Pac antibiotics.  Adelaine had just finished 10 days of antibiotics for a persistent cough and sinus drainage, but was still no better, so she and Bowen started on 10 days of Amox-Clav antibiotics (Bowen had the same symptoms as Adeliane).  That was last Friday.

Today I decided to take them all in after school, because Mason still sounded horrible (but still acted fine), and Bowen & Adelaine were still about the same.  The boys have not been sick since, well, I can’t even remember the last time.  Adelaine has been on antibiotics six times since her last treatment, which ended on Sept. 5th.  Partly because of school and partly because her immune system will not be built back up until this spring or summer, as the chemo works it’s way our of her system.  She will have been on antibiotics for sixty days in four months!  As bad as that sounds, I guess she’s like a bird in the wild, you would never guess that she is sick, she doesn’t feel it.  Her pain tolerance is remarkable, but that’s what happens when you’ve been tortured for 2 ½ years, I guess!!!

The good news, Mason’s pneumonia is all cleared up, it’s all just in his sinuses now.  He can make this awful noise when he breathes which he thinks is so cool but really scares me.  He asked if he could be famous, I suggested he could go on Jay Leno!  Anyway the other two are going to continue on their antibiotics for another 10 days and hopefully they will be all cleared up.  Our next stop will be the allergist.  Mason already completed 5 years of allergy shots which really helped, but apparently he needs 5 more!  Bowen completed one year, but our insurance changed about 3 months ago and we couldn’t afford the out-of-network expense.  It looks like Adelaine is following in her brothers footsteps with allergies, but we will not start allergy shots on her for a while, hopefully ever.  While on chemotherapy we did have Adelaine tested for food allergies to see if that was contributing to her eczema, but all came back fine – no food allergies.  The Allergist wanted to wait until she was no longer on chemo before testing her for airborne allergens.  We are going to have that done as soon as possible.  Today we began looking for new allergist that accepts our new insurance.

As for Adelaine’s eczema, it flared up again after we got her ears pierced.  For six weeks we battled with it.  It would come and go, but finally it got so bad that her arms were cracking and bleeding, so I convinced her to just take the earrings out and see what happens.  I don’t think she realized that they would close up, but she agreed to let them go.  When we took the earrings out, her ear lobes were so swollen and she has huge knots where the earrings were.  They are finally almost normal again.  Well, even after one month of having them out, the eczema has just cleared up.  I believe that it may not have been the earrings (once we changed them to non-allergen), but maybe the “Chemo rash” that I’ve heard so much about.  Many children get a horrible rash after treatment stops.  I’m not sure if it’s because the chemo is coming out, or if their system is having some type of withdraw reaction.  I really wish we would have waited, but who knew we would have had so many problems.  Yesterday I told Adelaine maybe when she turns 7 we can try piercing them again.  She seemed happy with that.  Even though all the Powell children went to the doctor today, they checked out well enough and tomorrow they will continue on with their normal routine.  No pneumonia, just sinus stuff, probably just allergies.  What a great day for Mom!!!  I guess it’s been at least two years since the boys last went to the doctor with a sickness, way to go MonaVie and Juice Plus.  I also believe that Adelaine would be a lot more sick without its’ help!

Now about that baby…

Monday we got our second call – very exciting- this time it was directly from Placement.  Placement are the ones who get the children in and they call the different agencies, and they try and place the children with a licensed home.  It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and it went like this…  We have the perfect baby girl… just what you are looking for…  She’s five months old…  The only thing is she comes with a 3 year old…….. brother.

I tried to envision what a three year old boy would be like at our house.  As much as the boys say they would like another brother, they certainly wouldn’t want him stepping into “Lego Land” AKA the boys’ bedroom, and messing things up!  Chances are good that would happen since they would all be sharing a room. It would be like adding another brother to “Niles and Frasier Krane”, what would be the point?  Mason and Bowen are like two peas in a pod.  It’s like they speak their own language and finish each others sentences.    They are so into each other and in their own world together, I’m not sure a new addition could crack that code!  They have such a wonderful thing going, we just don’t have the calling or desire to change that up.

I pictured a three year old brother in Adelaine’s room playing all rough with her girlie toys.  It just doesn’t make since to add another boy to the mix.  We’ve all prayed that it would be very clear, so as hard as it was to say, “No” we knew in our hearts that this was not the match for us.  I will always pray for these two sibling groups that we’ve said no to.  It is difficult on many levels, but we are determined to wait on God.  Surely in time He is going to give us the desire of our hearts, we are so excited it’s hard to be patient, but with each passing moment there is opportunity!!!  Two nights ago I dreamt that I woke up and walked over to the crib and there she was!  She was just beautiful and had big brown eyes.  My heart just melted, it felt like Christmas morning!


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