Here is Angela’s annual Christmas Newsletter:


Acai berry-Has the highest levels of antioxidants, we take it everyday!
Broken toe- Doug broke his big toe and had to wear an entire leg brace!
CCC-Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa, they have been a rock for us!
Daisy-The Puppy Boutique donated a poodle to Adelaine. She’s our new baby girl and oh yes, she has her nails painted! We got her just before Thanksgiving.
Everyone has hair! -Last year Adelaine was bald, now she has luscious blond curls! Friends-You have done so much for us, God used each of you, thank you!
GPS-Mason announces how many minutes & seconds we have to arrive before we’re late & points out each turn. He also memorizes everything on the grocery list. He’s like having a living, breathing Palm Pilot/GPS! We’d be lost w/out him!
Hydrogen Peroxide-We use it to clean the kitchen and bath, whiten our whites and brighten our teeth, wash our fruits and veggies, clean the windows and even bathe Daisy! It is trusted by hospitals as a safe, strong, non-toxic disinfectant!
Inspired- Bowen wants to work at PetSmart in the doggy dept. after college!
JESUS- We are here because of You. Happy birthday, we love You!
Kite-This year’s photo was taken at the Children’s Cancer Center garden, their motto… “because kids should fly kites, not fight cancer”!
Learning- Both boys are blessed with wonderful teachers and enjoy Bay Point!
Motto-Twice a day, we take MonaVie. Our family motto, “MonaVie changed me!”
New Hobby-Bowen has developed a love for drawing & he’s really good at it!
Over the River and Through the Woods-Only 9 more months of treatment!
Pet Therapy Dog- Daisy is in training so she can bring joy to sick kids.
Question-“Mom, why don’t you watch Okra and Dr. Pepper on TV any more?”… (Those were the days! In 2007 there was never enough time, but that’s ok)!
Raw Organic Veggies and Fruit-Antioxidants, part of the Powell’s daily diet.
Strong-Adelaine says, “Satan gave me cancer but I beat him. Jesus made me brave and strong.” She goes into the boys’ room when it’s dark and turns on the light for them! Thanks for ALL your prayers, she is just amazing!
Trip-Memorial Day weekend Angela took a vacation with Katherine from Atlanta!
Ugly-We recently gathered the scarves to give away. Seeing them made us sick!
Vacation-The Dream Fund sent us on a magical one to Disney, we really needed it!
Water-We refill Perrier water bottles instead of the plastic ones which can leak toxins. Mason says,” Mom, everyone thinks I’m drinking beer!”
X- on bad health! Adelaine,” I made healfy choices today, so can I a lollypop”?
Young Astronaut’s Club-Mason is learning so much, he points out constellations!
Z best cure is prevention! We pray everyday for the health of our family & yours!

Merry Christmas

Doug, Angela, Mason, Bowen, Adelaine & Daisy Powell

P.S. Remember to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. HE is the reason for this and every season

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