It’s Christmas Eve, and the children are nearing the final countdown until Christmas. It looks as though we will all be together and home this Christmas. Inspite of Adelaine’s low blood counts, she seems to be doing just fine.

As we reflect on what Christmas really means, I suppose it doesn’t mater where we celebrate Christmas, but it will be nice to celebrate our Savior’s birthday at home with family and friends. Being home all together would be enough to make this a wonderful Christmas, but God had even more in store for us…

We wanted to share some of the blessings we have received from so many caring people. Doug and I are humbled and amazed by the outpouring of love everyone has shown. Just now we had people whom we’ve never met from a local church show up at our door with a huge present for the children. People have so lovingly been bringing us dinners, even during the busy holidays. Last week we had people from a church called 360 out of Sarasota, ask to meet with us. They literally loaded our SUV with presents! We’ve had packages with presents and baked goodies delivered to our door from friends as well as perfect strangers. Emails have come pouring in from people reaching out to us and sharing their stories, and some just to say that they’re praying for us. We’ve received checks and gift cards from locals and people across the US. We’ve had an outpouring from people from Bowen’s preschool and Mason’s school with cards, money, gift cards, and presents. People have made donations on Adelaine’s website. We’ve gotten prepaid gas cards, “Build a Bear Workshop” gift cards, and so much more. WOW!

With some of the money we received, we purchased a new camcorder! After Adelaine was diagnosed, it was so sad that we didn’t have any of her special moments caught on tape. We didn’t have a recording of her sweet voice and cute laugh. We are so excited that now we will be able to document the remainder of her treatment recovery as well as all three children’s childhood special moments.

People have been so loving and giving to us. We want to say thank you and express how on our knees and blown away we are from all of this. God has used so many people to personally touch our lives and make this Christmas a truly unforgettable one! How can we ever thank everyone enough? Words could never express how truly grateful we are. The love and support has brought so much sunshine in our lives during this very rainy season. We will be forever changed because of all the love we have received. God is AWESOME! Thanks for letting Him use you all in such a very special way.

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