Tuesday night is our second PCF Fashion Show. PCF 2009 Adelaine has promised to walk down the aisle by herself this year…Luke McCown is now slated to be the Bucs starting QB this fall.  She liked him too much to hold his hand.

Tuesday is also Bowen’s 7th Birthday. Lucky number 7. Last year the boys discovered Lobster Bisque at the Fashion Show. The way they are talking about Lobster Bisque this year, we are praying they are serving it again.

We went to the beach today. It was Anika’s first trip to the beach. Our others kids each ate fistfulls of sand on their first trips. She turned her nose up to the offer of the sand snack…She did love the experience though.

We all are a little sunburned except Brownie. We call Bowen “Brownie” because he doesnt sunburn like the rest of us. Bowen just browns.


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