Waiting For the Rose to Open…

Doug told me he posted, and I’d hoped he would mention the baby-waiting update, but he apparently didn’t want to steal my thunder… well no baby yet! After reading his post I could see how the baby didn’t come up. We watched “Here on Earth” together two nights ago. I cried so much through the second half. Probably the fist time I saw it in 2000, I pictured myself as the girl. This time I put myself in her parents’ shoes! Cancer is such a nightmare. It is so important to do all we can to PREVENT it for happening in the first place. Our society certainly isn’t proactive about this. It’s up to each of us to learn all we can and apply that knowledge, so we can live disease-free.

Anyway, Monday’s inspection with the social worker was great, so were just waiting. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow. We’ve been busy all week setting up Adelaine’s new bed. I painted a pink-marble patina on it which took until last night to complete. Finally it’s finished drying and ready for Princess Adelaine!

My cousins, Emily and John, are here visiting us through the weekend. We are so excited to have them here, and we are having a great time! Emily and I have been playing “Dance, Dance Revolution” on the Wii throughout most of the day. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! For a good laugh, click below to see a You Tube clip of us…just kidding, not in a million years!!!! It’s bad enough embarrassing yourself just infront of family!

Tomorrow afternoon all three children leave for “Santa Camp” through Faces of Courage, by Carrollwood Rotary’s Hugs for Kids. It’s from Friday through Sunday, and is an overnight camp for the CHILDREN ONLY! I can’t believe I am actually letting them go, but I know they are going to have a blast. They’ve never spent the night away from us accept at my parent’s house so it should be an experience. The boys will hopefully do fine because they will have each other to bunk with. Adelaine will do fine because… well, if it involves girls getting together, she’s there. We got each of them their own little vintage-style suitcase. The children are just precious caring them around the house. It has gotten them even more excited about going!

If for some reason they get too homesick at Santa Camp to make it through two nights, I hope they all three get homesick at the same time! After doing the math, we could potentially have to drive back and forth to Brandon, Fl. twice just to drop them off and pick them up, then three more times if they each want to come home a separate times, totaling a whopping eight car rides!!!! More likely to be the case, will be that when we go to pick them up, they will want to stay…after all it is “Santa Camp”!!! Who can compete with that anyway? “Camp Clean Up Your Room”, “Camp Complete Your Homework Assignment, or “Camp Eat Your Peas”, it just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

I hope when the new baby does get here, they will at least be here for it. I know God has it already worked out, and it’s such a greater picture than just what I want. It’s all in His perfect timing. I picture Him holding a delicate little rose bud in His hand, in the center of the bud is our foster baby. The rose is right in front of me, but I can’t force the petals to open. All I can do is waiting patiently on God and pray His perfect will over our lives. Please continue to pray over this too.


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