We are getting very close to getting Anika back into our home. It could be as early as tomorrow and as late as next Tuesday. We are hoping for tomorrow! I always wondered if once we finally got our little girl, how we would know if she was really the one. You know, is she REALLY the one out of all the children in the world? After meeting her and spending that time with her, I will never ponder that question again! She really is the one, no doubt. It has been hard knowing that our little girl is out there but that she can’t be with us yet. It will feel soooo good to have her here with us and to tuck her into bed at night. Please pray that it will be sooner rather than later.

Today when I was driving Adelaine to ballet class, we drove down the street that leads to the crossroad for All Children’s Hospital. I can so remember her melt downs in the back seat when we would head in that direction. She always knew that when we went down that particular road it meant a day of torture! Today, while we were riding, she wasn’t paying attention so I asked her to look up and tell me where we were headed. She looked at me puzzled, so I asked, “Which way is the hospital?” Guess what, she pointed in the WRONG direction. Cancer is becoming more and more a part of her past, and not so much a present anymore. It feels so great to be moving on with our lives. 99% of the time I live in peace about Adelaine’s health. Only when she gets sick and starts having those all too familiar symptoms do I start to worry a little (or a lot).

I’m so excited about our new life. I’m at total peace about Anika not being a tiny baby. Two boys and two girls! All four close in age, ready and able to hit the ground running with nothing holding us back! We have such big plans as we make up for all that lost time in the hospital fighting cancer. Adelaine has a lot of lost time to make up for and Anika does too! We can’t wait to get started!!!


After the cold snap it feels great to enjoy 70 degree weather again! I’ve never really been up north in winter, but I can’t even imagine anything colder than 50!

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