Remember this one taken just before Adelaine was diagnosed?

curlie two

Well here she is now, 2 1/2 years later! One fear that I had was that once she made it through all her treatments I would not have the same little girl back. I have safely put that fear to rest. That same exact angel is back, just a bit older now!!!!!

sad girl

This was taken at her “last treatment”, just before surgery to have her Port removed.

My Angel Last time

Seeing this picture makes my heart just sink. I still can’t believe that Cancer happened to us. I can’t even begin to explain how great it feels to be done and have our lives back!

Hi port

Adelaine gets to finally meet her Port face to face. She still sleeps with it on her night stand and gets it out to look at occasionally.

Bo Peep

This was taken on Adelaine’s very first day of school (Pre-K) Daisy went and sat on her bed the entire 3 hours she was gone the first few days! Daisy goes with me to pick up Adelaine every day. She’s the Lad ‘n Lass mascot! After she turned one in August, she became the perfect little dog. I can’t imagine life without her. She has brought so much love and healing to our family. She sleeps in bed with me and Doug, Adelaine usually gets up during the night and gets her. After Adelaine falls asleep Daisy always comes back to our bed, Miss Adelaine does not like that one bit!!!!

Get Ready

Another big dream finally is able to come true!!! Miss Adelaine got her ears pierced on Doug’s birthday, Oct. 5th!

no cry

Although Adelaine’s dream was recognized, she did have some major problems with the piercings. Apparently the 14k gold earrings used did not come with 14k gold backs, which was causing much of her problem. Adelaine developed severe eczema on her ears, down her arms and on her back because of the allergy. Her ears thankfully did not get infected, but they were certainly on the verge. It took a while to realize exactly what the problem was. I was researching on the internet and discover an amazing website @ http://www.wear-earrings-again.com/index.html We were praying that there would be a way for her to continue wearing earrings. (My grandmother had her ears pierced many times hoping that she could wear earrings, but she was never able to). This site offers earrings made with Pure Grades of Titanium and Pure Niobiumno containing no nickel or alloys, and anyone who can not wear earrings can wear these. I ordered some and emailed the wonderful owner Maggie explaining our situation. Maggie overnighted them to us AND refunded our money because she just wanted to bless Adelaine. That she did – Adelaine’s ears are now doing so much better, and the excema is completely gone!!! Thanks to Maggie Adelaine will be able to keep hold of that long-time dream of having her ears pierced. Maggie, you have touched our hearts in such a special way. Thank you so much for your kindness and caring. God bless you!

The gang

Adelaine dressed up as Sleeping Beauty for Halloween this year. These are all her new school friends that she loves so much. She doesn’t like weekends too well because she can’t go to school. Along with her smarts, she’s quite the social butterfly. Non of us could have guessed that, Ha! I guess I should mention that on the playground last week a class mate professed his love to Adelaine and asked for her hand in marriage! After getting the news of the proposal, I asked her what she said to him. She replied that she said, “Yes”. Doug’s heart was broken when I gave him the big news. Her daddy takes her to school every morning and comes home saying, “Of all the places to sit, she sits next to him“. I guess now Doug knows how I felt when the little girl in Mason’s kindergarten class kept trying to kiss him. And for Bowen, don’t even get me started!!!

Adelaine and Chloe

Blue do
Her guys are doing fantastic and are so glad for things to be back to “normal”. Mason will be asking Santa for his two front teeth, as they have both fallen out – too cute! Bowen will be following his big brother into the Gifted Program at school. After loosing his paper work over summer it was a very long process, but he finally starts this Friday! Bowen (OK get ready I have to brag a little) he scored in the 99.98th percentile rank of his agemates that made it to the third screening. Way to go Bowen!
Miss Adelaine is certainly keeping up with her big brothers’ smarts. She is already reading. In fact, tonight she actually read her first A BECA book. God is soooo awesome!!!!!!!

As for me, I can’t believe it’s been exactly two months since Adelaine finished her treatments… It’s now 2 am, so I want to post more tomorrow about what we’ve been up to. But as for our cleansing diet, I’m still doing it! Doug just did one three months ago and he probably has tried again too soon. He decided to go off tonight. When Doug was on the cleanse last time I tried to join him, but it happened so quickly and I had so many things going on in my mind, I didn’t make it past day one. This time I’d done the research and was really excited about it, and had time to mentally prepare. As of now, it’s been exactly 77 hours since my last bite to eat! That’s right just lemon/lime juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for three days now. This diet is for 10 or more days. I’ve set my goal, but can’t share because who knows what will happen! For now I take it only one day at the time. Day 4 is supposed to be the hardest, but I think I can do it!!!!!

The only time it’s really tough is when I cook dinner and watch the children eat. We have a ritual at the dinner table. They tell me all about their food how it smells, how it tastes, and they think of me when they eat it. During all this I sip my “lemonade” and read stories from our Disney collection of Children’s Classics. A few nights ago we read “Ichabod Crane”. Doug got out Adelaine’s purple pony on a stick and rode it around to play the part as I read. He put his head inside his shirt to be the headless horseman, and carried Daisy Dog in one arm, as his head. It was hysterical. He really should go into theater!!!!

Anyway, after dinner and a 12 mile bike ride, I’ve pretty much lost my appetite, thankfully. I’ve made a special point to continue feeding the children a very healthy dinner even though I can’t eat with them. I’m also trying to be extra patient with them. Honestly, it’s been tough not eating, but a lot of fun also. As a bonus to the cleansing, any extra fat just melts away. Its great stepping on the scale every morning and seeing results!

And last but not least, the foster baby! No, not yet! It has taken so much longer than we could have expected. But we have some good news. Today all the paperwork, our big fat file, was hand-delivered to DCF (Dept. of Children & Family Services). This is a big day for us! Now all they have to do is review it and hopefully approve it. I was told it could take a week or so before we hear back. Please pray that there won’t be any problems. We are all so excited and ready to meet our new addition. I know it’s in God’s hands and that timing is everything. I want the perfect one for our family and only God knows who she will be and when she will be available. Please pray His perfect plan in her life, and ours. Please pray for the people who will be reviewing our file, that they will see how ready we are and how much love we have to offer.
I promise to start posting again!