Sounds like Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Angela and I saved money up for months for a big splurge for Christmas. I was able to find this gift until wii had the money put together. I went to ToysRUs, Target, Circuit City, Best Buy & K-Mart as soon as they opened on Sunday Dec 16th as this was the first Sunday we had the entire nut saved up. I found out that not only does everyone else want this gift, but most people that are getting one actually camped out overnight in order to be first in line. If you remember Saturday night Dec 15th there was a huge storm that came through and it must have been horrible sitting in lawn chairs through that storm that night. I did see a family from Southside Soccer/Bay Point that had a voucher @ ToysRUs. They were one of the lucky ones (if you consider spending the night on the sidewalk in a tropical storm lucky).

My office is next door to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart puts this gift out as soon as it is received. I had tracked the receiving times and dates and determined that Tuesdays between noon & 2 pm was the time that this gift was usually received. Well Tuesday Dec 18th, I decided to run some errands at lunch about 5 miles from the office. I received an emergency phone call from one of my co-workers that he had seen someone walking back to the office with the same gift I was searching for. I hit speed dial #1 on the cell phone and went straight to Wal-Mart’s electronic dept. They received 6 and had 4 left and they are not allowed to hold any, even for 15 minutes. I hit the gas on the car and dialed my beautiful bride. When she answered the phone, I could tell that I had awoken her from a nap with Adelaine. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Let a sleeping mama bear lie”? Well, I yelled that she was closer and that this was our last chance to score this gift before Christmas! She woke up our sick kid and sped to Walmart. I arrived not knowing if she had made it yet and sprint through the parking lot through the store to the electronics dept. I actually received an injury on the turn from seasonal to the toy dept. I clipped a shelf full speed with my shoulder. I spun off it like Barry Sanders, but I knew that would smart later. I ran to the desk in electronics satnding behind a lady shopper that was debating the price on some chotsky with the clerk. I waited and waited and waited. An eternity of what had to be at least 2 minutes before I rudely interrupted with, “Do you have any Wii’s left?” The clerk looked at me and said, “No, the last one went less than 5 minutes ago.” I walked away dejected. I was considering goin to the parking lot and hijacking the dude that got the last one. Then Angela called my cell phone and told me that she didn’t score one either.

I went back to the office dejected. I had the cash in my pocket, the gift had been within 1000 feet of me on the day I knew it would have been there. Uuuuggghhhhhh…

Angela called me 10 minutes later telling me that she called the Tyrone store they had 6 and that I needed to get my butt there now. I actually thought she was pranking me in order to get back at me for waking her from her nap. I went anyway of course. I parked outside of the garden dept did the whole sprint thing (no injuries this time) went straight to the desk and rudely interrupted without even waiting. The clerk smiled, the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on a balding overweight 60 plus year old man and said, “yes, but…” Oh, here comes the but, I thought… “, but you can only buy one.” ONLY?!?!? That’s all I want is one. He reached down inside a plain brown box and pulled out the Holy Grail of Christmas 2007, a Ninendo Wii purchased retail without sleeping in a lawn chair overnight in a parking lot. He rang it up, I paid cash, and I actually asked him, in a Joe Namath – Susy Colbert way “Can I kiss you?” He looked at me in a – this is my first day in prison and I just had my first request for a kiss look. He then pointed at his female manager and, “She is much prettier than I am. You should kiss her.”

WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! The heavens had parted the Angels were rejoicing I was dancing down the aisles like Fred Astaire. I called Angela to inform her that I had beat her there and that I scored one. She came in anyway to hopefully buy a second and in the spirit of a capitalistic Christmas purchase a second Wii to resell on Ebay for more than double the retail price. It turns out the got the 5th Wii and the lady right behind me at the checkout had purchased the sixth. Oh well. No need to be greedy. We reached the summit of Christmas.

Summit of Christmas?!?! What’s wrong with me. Jesus is the summit. The Wii is simply a wonderful present for my kids that have gone through so much.

Yes, Angela and I did test the Wii Tuesday night. I played the boxing game that comes with the Wii for 2 hours. Angela enjoyed the tennis game for a while. My arms were so sore the next day, it hurt to reach up and wash my hair! Working out while playing a video game, Brilliant!

We had up to this point hinted that Santa might not be able to get a Wii for Christmas because he could only make so many and all the boys and girls wanted one. Yeah we twisted the screws on that one up to the bedtime Christmas Eve.

The Wii is awesome. I videoed the first boxing match the boys played and it is hilarious. I will figure out how to post it on youtube and let you know when we do.

When you can get your hands on one, I recommend doing so. That first night I tried it, I felt like the first time I played my first Nintendo that my brother and I received Christmas 1984 @ the age of 10. Yes, Mario is still the coolest Nintendo character. Now, you can surf the internet, check the weather, build a Mii (a character that you design to use as your player for many of the games, that can look like you if you desire), play video games while getting in shape and all kinds of other cool things we haven’t figured out yet. Wii will post more about our wonderful Christmas, but I have been holding this one in for a week now.



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