“Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence!” – Erma Bombeck

Sorry about not posting more often. Our lives have been in overdrive lately. I’m working lots of hours and Angela is working 2-3 nights a week herself so when you throw in school, soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays games on Saturdays, Tuesday morning “ Pretend School ” and all the holiday parties that started once school started we have been everywhere. Not to mention all the over the top events and activities that Adelaine was too sick to do last year, but is now a part of. Oh yeah, I guess you do need to throw in the whole going to the Dr for half a day thing every week. Here are a few recent highlights:

Halloween party @ Gus’ house – (Gus is a boy that Bowen went to Pre-K with @ Lad & Lass, they now are in Kindergarten at the same school and we played Gus’ team in soccer on Saturday.) Gus’ garage was decked out as a haunted house that Bowen loved hanging out in, Adelaine was brave for about 1.5 seconds in and that Mason refused to enter.


Halloween – tons of unhealthy choices were obtained and then disposed of the next day. Bowen’s new school buddy, Jamel and his mother went with Angela and the kids trick or treating.

Nov 2th – we did the event with The Brad Richards Foundation. See previous post.

Nov 4th – The Children’s Dream Fund had 2 tickets to the Buc’s vs Cardinals game for us. In order to be fair to the boys I went to the game with Josh Bohlander. Josh & Kristen have done more for us in relation to picking up kids than anyone else since Sis got sick. Angela has spent lots of time getting to know Kristen so it was my time to do male bonding with Josh. Josh is also a huge Cubs fan so that instantly makes him a great guy. We had a blast starting out the fourth row of the third level with a fantastic view of the game. We moved down to the front row into the Mayhew’s seats when they left at the end of the third quarter. We had a blast, and actually the seats in the third level had a much better view since the majority of the foruth quarter was played in the other end of the field.

Nov 9th – Steve Yerrid Fishing Derby. Steve Yerrid was one of the attorneys that sued the tobacco companies and won. Steve has vowed to use a large chunk of the proceeds to benefit families with cancer. Friday was a kids fishing derby that kicked off an actual fishing tournament the Mercury Grand Slam Celebrity Fishing Tournament. There were fishermen their that I actually recognized from television helping the kids fish. The only guy that I could actually put a name to was Wade Boggs. Yeah I know he was a baseball player, but now he is a professional fisherman that was helping sick kids catch pin fish in Tampa Bay. http://www.pcfusa.org/special_events.htm

Nov 10th – Ian Beckel’s Blue and White Party . Miss Ashley babysat the kids and Angela and I went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa and had a great time. The proceeds of the event benefit The Children’s Cancer Center. The event was held out by the enormous pool and featured various DJ’s a comedian for the emcee a fashion show and all the beautiful people of the Tampa Bay Area were there. Several families from CCC were represented there and we all had VIP access. Fantastic food and drinks. Over 2,000 people attended. The outdoor party ended at Midnight and then Angela and I went inside to the afterparty @ Floyd’s. Angela talked Ian into including us in his entourage to get us in free to Floyd’s, even though I told Ian earlier he was on my “man crush list”. If you have to ask then you need to listen to Ron & Ian’s show 9-noon WDAE 620 AM www.620wdae.com. We got home about 3am. I am still recovering…

Nov 15th – CCC annual Thanksgiving Dinner – the food was provided by The Columbia and Boston Market. What a great way to stretch our tummies before the actual big day!

Nov 16th – The Steve Yerrid Foundation sponsored 4,000 tickets to the Lightning Hockey game. Adelaine’s counts were @ 300 so she had to stay home, but the boys and I went and met Max and Myles Jones and their Mom, sister and her friend at the game. They gave out yellow shirts and yellow thunder sticks which the 4 boys decided the sticks made great swords. The Lightning won 5-2. Richy scored Marty scored 2 Vinny Scored and Roy got into a fight. It was a blast! Check out Rappin with Roy Andre Roy (pronounced “wa-ahh” is th eLightnings top Goon. He is also the jokester in the locker room.

Brad & Vinny’s Commercial

Richy only gets in 1 fight a year. Here is this years Brad Richards Fight

Nov 17th – Bowen’s soccer team Grasshoppers beat Gus’ team Ninjas. It was great to see the switch come on for Noah. Each year the first year players on our team have a game where everything starts to make sense. Noah’s switch flipped and he had 4 near misses for a goal. Next game will be his. Mason’s team Bulldogs didn’t fare as well. I think part of it may have been that 3 of the players, Mason, Max & Myles were out until at least Midnight at the hockey game the night before.

Nov 17th – Angela & Adelaine went with Miss Mary to help her decide on a new vehicle to purchase. Miss Mary came home with a 2008 Lexus SUV. Angela knows how to spend some money.

Nov 17th – Baby Leo’s sister Livia had a birthday party. Daddy Leo has 8 siblings and they also invited the families at CCC to the party. It was an all day affair that the boys and I went to. They have 2 dogs that would occasionally sneak the food off a kids plate. The Golden Retriever “Lucky” also is a cigar smoker. He made off with Leo’s brother in law Alex’s cigar. The boys had a blast with all the kids and the dogs. Mason’s allergies did pretty well, he kept washing his hands throughout the day. When we got home his eyes were a lttle red but not itchy. Leo has one of the coolest jobs in the world. He is a translator for 5 professional baseball players. His biggest name client is Chicago Cubs Outfielder, Alfonso Sorriano

Nov 19th – The kids and Angela are on their way to pick up Sis’ new puppy right now! Adelaine has a special place in her heart for animals. With all that she has been through this past year and a half Mommy is willing to bring a potential mess maker to reward her baby. Here is a link to the site that is donating the puppy. http://www.puppiesforsalebynet.com/poodle.htm Scroll down to “Pisces” to find our newest family member.

Wednesday we are heading to Leesburg, GA for Thanksgiving at Grandmama’s & Grandaddy’s. Thursday just so happens to also be my beautiful bride’s 21st Birthday! Just remember that the dinner you are eating is a celebration of Angela’s birth.


P. S. Uncle Bob, stay away from the fried turkey, you know what happened last time!

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